Dicing with Dash

For the first time since I got into Darkcoin, or Dash as it is of course nowadays. I am doubting the project. I shall try to explain why. Ryan Taylor the CEO of Dash Core Group, a very influential person in the Dash community, is seeking to change the block reward allocation in favour of […]

A new post

I just looked at my last blog post. It was written during the last bubble type spike up in progress (quite a while ago now, over a year?). With the price at about 7 or 8K I predicted at that time it might spike up to 13k (in US dollars). It was obvious to just […]

Bitcoin segwit

So bitcoin has broken $7000? Or has it? What is bitcoin? Is it the one with ticker symbol btc that everyone calls bitcoin? Do you remember when Satoshi Nakamoto published plans for the future scaling of bitcoin and said ” It would be goddamn brilliant to segregate the witness data the fuck out of the […]

Darkcoin rising

Darkcoin, Dash (or Digital Cash) as seen on following 1 day chart versus bitcoin has risen to the top of the pink channel it has been in since April. This has been a good time to try and accumulate on dips for those of a trading persuasion. However the best buying opportunities at the bottom […]

Crypto roundup

Measured against USDT (which is a proxy for US$ on the Poloniex exchange), on a 1 day chart we can see the explosive rise of Dash, which particularly in March this year, outperformed almost every other crypto including bitcoin as it spiked above $100 for the first time. Since then Dash has climbed even higher […]

Dash stabilised

Dash on 4 hr time scale, log price scale versus bitcoin. Dash appears to have stabilised at levels mostly around the top half of that pink channel which seems to mark a pretty good trading range for accumulation. A break above that pink channel would be very bullish, meanwhile it has already recently broken back […]

Gold breakout anticipation

Compared to crypto currencies, which have gone mental spiking upwards the yellow metal has been, you could say, lack lustre by comparison. But gold remains an important asset in these times of central banks gone rogue. Unlike crypto currencies, gold is proven for millenia and crypto despite the hype is yet to be really proven […]

Studying the Dash chart

Apart from Bitcoin, Gold and Silver I also love Dash. So heres a look at Dash today as I see it. My last Dash post was when I congratulated Dash for overtaking one ounce of silver in price. A lot has happened since then, most notably huge new all time highs for Dash versus bitcoin […]