Why should you buy your first bitcoin?

This is a bit different from my usual posts but I think its an interesting question especially for people who might have heard of bitcoins and been intrigued  but not taken the plunge to buy any yet. If you haven’t and you are reading this, what are you waiting for?

So why should you buy a bitcoin?

In my case, when I first heard of them, I was quickly intrigued when I read somewhere something along the lines of  ‘The quantity can’t be centrally controlled by central banks’.

I was someone already receptive to the idea of avoiding control by central banks having watched the excellent and highly recommended ‘Secret of Oz’ and ‘Money Masters’ by Bill Still, which you can probably find quite easily with a little search on StartPage.

But that alone wasn’t what drew me to bitcoins. , I heard somewhere that the final quantity of bitcoins ever to be created was predetermined to be 21,000,000, ie only 21 million!!! A very quick calculation of the number of people alive on planet earth today, say 7 billion led me to imagine that if bitcons ever became even a tiny bit successful then almost the entire majority of humanity would never be able to afford even one bitcoin.

So do you want to risk being left behind? 1 bitcoin is only about $27.5 dollars at the time of writing, with only 21 million up for grabs ever isn’t it worth buying only one, just in case.


2 thoughts on “Why should you buy your first bitcoin?

    1. Not gonna say but but not many though. Its just a side interest for me at the moment.

      I lost about 30 bitcoins which were stolen from me when bitcoinica was hacked 😦 There is a claims process happening but I don’t hold out that much hope of seeing those bitcoins again. Would be nice to still have them, I bought right at the bottom after the last bubble.

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