Still feeling bullish ;-)

Its been a testing time trying to be a bitcion bear. After accumulating bitcoins at every opportunity since I first got into them. It just felt wrong to be actually be selling them. Bitcoins are global, can operate beyond border control, beyond government control and beyond central bank control. The scope it truely huge. Bitcoins […]


Well that resistance lasted about 2 minutes after my last post! Lol! On such thin volume all it took was one quite large purchase to push through and so here we are again, price pushing up, blatently ignoring the bearish trendlines I was adding a few days ago and mocking my attempt to put resistance […]


Heres a 1 month log chart of bitcoins versus $US. The recent bullish move up has hit a strong resistance level shown in red and is now pressing that level admist what looks like quite low trading volume after the panic buying and selling has subsided. Based on my assumption that we are now consolidating […]