Fake top

I had a sort of conspiracy type thought that I can’t shake out my head and for fun thought I’d share it.

We all know that the powers that be want to keep their fiat game in its prime ‘monopoly’ spot. This means any competition has to be stopped. What are the main rivals to fiat, well gold of course, and silver. And now a newcomer on the scene crypto currency most famously bitcoin.

Does this chart look familiar?

Fake top in silver

This is the 5 year silver chart. We all know the last decade has seen a huge bull run in gold and silver. What better way to kill enthusiasm than to make it look like it has topped. You could interpret the silver peak in 2011 as a time when the world controllers decided to let silver run up, become way overbought, then in an opportune moment of technical resistance, eg the previous all time high. Slam it down, sell naked shorts into the decline, shout about the crash in the mainstream media etc. End result enthusiasm dead. In silver this seems to have been successful. Or perhaps not, maybe they are still manipulating it to look successful while meanwhile physical supply gets ever tighter and tighter. Anyway I digress.

These world controller types who hold power control of central banking and fiat money would almost certainly also want bitcoin to decline or disappear entirely. What if someone, I don’t know, like George Soros, or perhaps someone acting on behalf of central banks, decided to pump up bitcoins deliberately by overbuying it, only to massively sell intothe first opportune sign of weakness. It wouldn’t be that hard to do. They might be able to successfully paint a fake top into the market. Result, killed enthusiasm, and a promising bull run, nipped in the bud.

Could this be a fake top in bitcoins?

20130411 2 month chart

I very much doubt they can yet manipulate the bitcoin market with the same precision that they can do the gold and silver markets, because they don’t have futures contracts, ETFs and naked shorting to fine tune the downside. However  those world controllers still have manipulation of perception via the media, and limitless fiat. In a small market like bitcoin, you’d hardly need that much fiat to move it up like that. Easy in fact if one had the sort of funds of someone like George Sorros or someone acting on behalf of a central bank.

If you are in doubt how they can paint the charts. How about this  fantastic example from the gold charts recently. They gave us gold investors a middle finger salute. Here it is.


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