Department of homeland security

The US government department of homeland security has cut off US dollars being deposited in MtGox via the payment mechanism Dwolla. So far Mt Gox is still operating and other methods of depositing funds are still available.

Presumably these actions are for our own good, to protect us from terrorism and non-debt based money and stuff.  Maybe this is a bit like having wars helps spread democracy? I dont know. Honestly the governments of the world seem to be going rogue. Turning on people, taking away liberty and freedom everywhere.

The timing of this is very convinent, if you are intent on inflicting damage to bitcoin’s value. You may recall my last chart, we were heading to test a rising support line.

Here’s a similar one on a 2 month log scale with that line drawn in again.


The government’s actions has slammed the price hard down against support, which is still holding… but only just.

Was this really just an attack on bitcoins? an attempt to manipulate the chart and get the price under that support line ? This sort of shenanigans is often seen in the gold and silver markets, big manipulations always occur at times when they can inflict maximum damage. Look for more ddos attacks on MtGox too if this doesn’t have the desired effect.

In other news. Our US and UK government support of Syrian rebels continues. These rebels are people alledgedly using chemical weapons and one of whom was filmed recently performing acts of cannibalism. I’m sure our governments have very good reasons for supporting these people. They’ll probably be ideal for promoting democracy if the Syrian government is toppled.

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