Heres the bitcoin 5 day chart


Heres gold on a 3 day chart


And heres silver on a 3 day chart


Notice anything similar? Yes flying monkies are attacking all 3 at the same time. I wonder why ? Co-incidence?

When you are in charge of an unbacked monetary system in which the supply is being aggressivly increased every single month by billions of units do you allow honest money alternatives like gold, silver or bitcoins to rise in value and show everyone the truth? No! You fight!

Unfortunately for the central controllers they are fighting a losing battle. Everytime they manipulate precious metals by massive naked shorting in the futures market more and more physical metal is bought on the cheap by powers in the east. US and UK are bankrupt of honest money. I am curious who the big bitcoin sellers are, could banking interests have secretly built up a large stash during the run up to the price peak a couple of months ago?

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