Hola, I’m holiday just now, enjoying some sunshine, drinking the odd cerveza. Been neglecting my blog for a while, apologies for that. Have to admit been surprised to see the recent rise in bitcoin price. Happy to be wrong though as a rising bitcoin price gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that maybe there is a chance we´ll achieve monetary freedom and escape the slavery of the debt based fiat system we are shackled with.

I think the rise began when Ben Bernanke decided to hint that the USA might (shock, horror) taper down the money printing. In other words he might, maybe, if it feels right, at some point soonish, if he does it, maybe only print 40 billion a month instead of 85 billion o month! Isn´t this INSANE? Whatever he does or doesn´t do we are so fucked, Buy gold, silver and bitcoins. Honestly you´ll thank me. Forget trading. Think about it, this money is sprouting out of nowhere, going to his banker buddies and none else. It is blatent robbery. Conducted in broad daylight, endorsed by the legal and enforcement systems. The world is tilted and its not in the favour of you or I.

I´m not on my usual computer so without access to my normal image editing tools, hence this very basic and quite possibly misleading chart which i´ll post here anyway. edited using windows paint!  Heres a one year log chart


Have tried to reproduce the top of the long term trend line. ¿Are we back above it? I don´t want to claim a definate yes but looks like it. Maybe a visit to the bottom of that trend line is not on the cards after all? (that was somewhere about $50 if you recall my last post).

Given that gold is almost totally drained from the GLD fund. That GOFO rates indicate people will hold physical gold instead of taking guaranteed fiat profits for the last few weeks. Do you not feel that the fiat system is crumbling, teetering ready to collapse. Mainstream economists will declare no-one saw it coming. but anyone with a brain not hard wired into the matrix can see it ready to topple. Welcome to the New World Order. What will that order be?

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