Approaching support

Since bitcoin price has fallen down through the middle of the channel, thought I’d show a view of where I think we can look for support if the price continues dropping, have marked the area with a red dotted line. I think we could expect support around about $130 region based on that trendline. If […]

Quick update

We’re still hovering around just above the bottom of the channel I’ve been monitoring. Heres the latest chart below, on which I’ve added where I’m hoping to see support marked in red. That would be at about $123 level. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

Testing bottom of channel

Heres a snapshot of how todays chart is looking against my up trending channel. As you can see we got a bounce off the bottom of the channel. Textbook stuff, finding support exactly where you’d have expected. This tells me the channel is still working. I have no reason to expect the price to break […]

Uptrend still intact

  Price took a bit of a dive earlier but looks to have rebounded nicely off the middle of the uptrending channel I’m watching. Heres my latest chart without much further comment except to say the uptrend since the low at the beginning of July still looks very much intact.