Silver breakout

I don’t know how many people that come to this blog are interested in silver but heres a chart of silver spot price showing a breakout from the steep downtrend its in. Compared to bitcoins, precious metals markets seem to move glacially slow. However as a long term store of wealth its hard to look […]

Different scenarios

Heres a quick post to show my latest charts for what they are worth. First theres this one, my steeper channel Perhaps we are following the same trend from a higher level now. I wonder if support will be found where I’ve marked a green dashed line? There may also be resistance where I’ve added […]

Back below $200

Finally we have a correction, which was kind of needed really given the relentless spike up we just experienced. Logic was telling me I should sell yesterday, would have turned out rather well if I had. Ah well happy to hold for the long term. Anyway, this is a quick update to my shorter term […]

Enjoy the ride

Very hard to make any predictions in this kind of market. Bitcoins are defying gravity by the look of it, silk road was supposed to crash the market, but instead it may have taken away the weak hands leaving the way clear for this strong rally. Now the talk is all about China and how […]

Resistance just below $200

Without further ado heres an updated chart which I’ve modified it a bit since the last time. I’ve removed the lines marking the original channel and added new cloned trend lines at the low point of silk road and the high point we are currently at. So it looks we’ve finally encountered some resistance just […]

Bitcoins on a rampage

Hadn’t bothered checking the charts this weekend feeling pretty certain that resistance would transpire at about $170 if it even got that far.. until I received notification of a comment telling me $170’s resistance had been easily perforated!? What? So I checked and it sure has! This is what it looks like on my shorter […]

Resistance at $170

Since the Silk Road bust I’ve been watching two channels; The upwards channel I was already following, and a second slightly less steep, longer term channel. Price has been climbing rapidly ever since Silk Road, so heres how its looking compared to both channels for anyone who might be interested. First heres the shorter term […]

Back in the channel again

With bitcoins above $150 (on MtGox at least) heres a quick post to show last nights price gain compared to my first channel. Look at that we’re back in the channel again! Still not proof that the channel is still active but looking very promising. Wonder how many people who sold in the Silk Road […]

Latest moves

Heres a couple of updated charts showing latest price moves compared to the trend lines I’ve been monitoring. This first chart shows the MtGox price over last couple of months compared to the bullish channel I’ve followed for a while now. Bottom trend line was added at Silk Road bottom but doesn’t really line up […]