Just going to post this quick update to the fork I’ve been following recently. Price is still in the top half of my fork and still looks to be finding support and resistance at the trendlines of that fork. You’ll notice I’ve also included momentum on this chart, theres a bit of a bearish divergence […]

Another fork

In my last post ‘Waterfall’ I tracked the correction using a steep downwards fork. I’d say it was pretty successful for the short duration it was active but the price has already busted through to the upside. Looking like this. The price ultimately bottomed below the first bullish fork I’d been watching but has now […]


Just a quick update. Sticking with the second chart from my last post. Price still looks to be following the bearish fork down. Which is quite a steep correction. Now at a critical area of the first fork, will there be support from those up trending lines? Looks like the bottom of the fork may […]