I wrote my last post around the time that the US$ price on MtGox was breaking through the top of my bear fork. Since then theres been quite a nice rally up to about $800 where we are now. As pointed in comments there has been some positive news with overstock.com now accepting payments in […]

Testing resistance

Ive been keeping an eye on the price throughout the day as it creeps closer and closer to a strong line of resistance which corresponds to the top of my MtGox bear fork. The last time this battle was fought with the top trendline of my fork the price was at about 900 dollars and […]

Some charts

Heres some updates to my charts, starting with MtGox bear fork on a chart with 4 hour candles The strong rally during the last week moved the price up near the top trendline but there was no strength in the challenge to push through it. Looks like the fork is well established with trendlines providing […]

Still bearish

Trading View is showing up to date MtGox data again, so might be time for another update. Don’t think I’ll bother showing the bear versus bull forks chart which is becoming a bit of a maze of criss crossing lines. In my last post I looked at a possible bear fork on the Chinese market […]

Chinese Bear

For some reason BTCUSD in MtGox is frozen on the Trading View website, so no update to my bear versus bull forks. Not much to see there anyway to be honest, we appear to be in limbo, caught in no mans land, under the bull fork and above the bear fork, meandering aimless in the […]

Bear breakout and up

MtGox action has been a bit flat today little ups and downs but nothing too dramatic, an earlier attempt to break through the midline of my fork failed. Was going to post an updated chart in the comments of the last post but thought this might merit a post of its own as theres been […]

Bearish fork update

The falls from that double top are looking pretty brutal already. Price down to about $716 US on MtGox as I write, down about 16.5% for the day. Anyhow without much further ado, I thought I’d post the latest update to my fork just, on this chart showing last couple of days with 30min candles. […]