New Channel

With the fork beginning to lose its magic touch I’ve had another look at the charts and I’m quite liking the look of this potential new channel, shown here on a chart with 1 hour candles.

Have stuck in a few trendlines within the channels which I’ll no doubt tinker with as things develop. Based on this channel price could dip as low as $880 in this current correction.

5 thoughts on “New Channel

  1. Its a wild ride! You still got litecoins? they’ve had some mighty gains lately. I’m finally starting to look around at some of the altcoins out there, might dip my toes in some others..

  2. Heres an update to that channel. We’re smack in the middle of it just now, I have a feeling bitcoins will languish in the bottom of it for a while rather than rampaging up in short term.

  3. Hi,

    thanks for the chart analysis. I am following for some days now.
    Looks like it´s in the top half again and going further up. Next stop 1400?!!!

    1. Hi Sly thanks for stopping by to comment, hadn’t looked at the price since my last comment. yes, verge of new highs already! Wonder if there’ll be a bit of resistance here ..

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