Still wedged in

As quick update, heres latest bitcoin chart, 4 hours candles from Bitstamp market data. Previous wedge is shown with what is now a red dashed line. New upper boundary shown in red solid line. Price still probably to be supported by the blue line or red dashed line which it is above. Although price did […]

Rally from here

I’m staying with Bitstamp for my analysis as MtGox is really too divergent from other USD markets, is artificially high because fiat funds cannot be released and besides I’m liking the way my trendlines fit on the bitstamp data. In a way its surprising that so many analysts are still using MtGox more or less […]

Bitstamp !

Thanks to popular opinion expressed on my last up channel post. I’ve spent some time looking at Bitstamp for a change from MtGox. I really appreciate the input so thanks to all who stop by and try to keep me right. Heres some trendlines I’ve been fiddling about with on Bitstamp USD, 4 hour candles. […]

up channel

This is what I’ve just been looking at, which is honestly making me feel bullish to the point where I’ve bought back in some more bitcoin. Is a bit of a gamble as the case for a collapse is persuasive but I like the look of this as a potential up channel. Here is on […]

Mixed Signals

After signs of weakness with price falling below my blue line of support I called for cheaper bitcoins. So what happens? A rally which breaks up through the red dotted line of course.. duh! Heres what my chart looks like with that break up through the red dashed line of resistance. Notice I’ve included momentum […]

Cheaper bitcoins on the way

Heres an update to my last chart. Not much to get excited about if you are bullish at the moment. Bitcoins failed to test the top red line instead confined by the lower red dashed trend line I’ve added. Then didn’t manage to catch any support from the lowest green line I’ve shown. Now the […]

Sideways churn

I’ve been going a bit manic drawing trendlines this evening, then removed most of them again to distill this chart which I thought I might as well share since I quite liked the look of it. Note the additional blue line which is a trend I think shown by Artiti in previous comments. It has […]

Bulls fading

Bottom has fallen out of the bull channel I posted about so one may think the bear is in the ascendency again.. Likely there are still concerns about China and further waves of selling expected until the end of the month as chinese speculators exit their long positions. There are also popular charts on TradingView […]