Post Gox dust settles

Heres a Bitstamp chart showing last few months of bitcoins with daily candles. Similar to other views I’ve been looking at recently I’ve kept the fib retracement overlay on top also I’ve added MACD indicator. Theres a noticable down trend and a spike down to nearly $400. This obviously co-incides with an awful run of […]

Bouncing Bitcoins

Been looking with a little bit of satisfaction and pleasure at gold and silver both showing strong signs of a rally developing, then to look at bitcoins and see it up +15% on Bitstamp! Nice I’m guessing but haven’t checked news that this may mean the mallability bug has been resolved or something.. Or hedge […]

Bitcoin under attack

Sheeesh where do you start?! We’ve seen it all in last few days. Seemingly starting with Mt Gox temporarily blocking withdrawl in fiat and bitcoins. A flash crash caused by thousands of bitcoins dumped all at once on two exchanges. Russia bans bitcoins. Bitcoin has a malleability bug or something (whatever the heck that is). […]


The blue line has finally fallen (top one on my chart) with prices down over 10% at time of writing, which is a pretty massive drop after the recent ‘stability’. I’ve always thought the blue line was pretty significant level but even so, steepness of the drop has surprised me on this fall. Heres how […]