Falling bitcoin

With bitcoin price now down to about $450 on Bitstamp and currently sitting BELOW my log channel I’ve been looking at lately, perhaps is it time for another look at some charts. In todays post I’ll focus on the log view. First heres that log chart I just mentioned, updated. Hopefully more or less accurately, […]

Further falls in bitcoin

Thought I’d better write another post since I’ve been reminded its time for an update from Australia. The bear in bitcoins continues as price has fallen or you might say plummeted, below the area I expected quite strong support at about $520, support which obviously didn’t really materialise. Bitcoin dropped to about $460 or thereabouts […]

Fallen through support

Just a quick one really to show updated chart from my last Crystal Ball post, as per usual looking at Bitstamp market price. I have same lines of support and resistance shown as last time. Very clear that price is following that resistance trend downwards at the moment. In last day or so have fallen […]

Peering into the crystal ball

As I write this bitcoin is up over 1% and close to that resistance level I was looking at in my last post. This is a similar move to yesterday which then faded. Perhaps the same will happen today? Heres a view of the chart with 1 day candles, on Bitstamp as usual. As I’ve […]

Resistance is clear

Heres a look at Bitstamp with 1hr candles. Have zoomed out a bit so the April 2013 bubble can be seen next to the December one. First that resistance. I have a very obvious line marked in red going from the second peak of the double top trending down through subsequent dead cat bounce tops. […]

Big moves fueled by Ukraine crisis

After yesterdays big move up in bitcoins, which I think was about 16% on bitstamp and further moves up today so far it looks like we are about to test, or break through resistance at the top of my down sloping trend. On my chart it is the region where I have two red trendlines […]