Retesting the trendline

As described in my last post bitcoin broke finally broke through a long standing resistance line, which is the big solid red line on my chart. Shown here on my updated bitstamp chart as usual with 1 day candles. It looked like it might continue to push up through the horizontal resistance too, upper dotted […]

Bull moves in bitcoin

The bear trending resistance looks to finally be falling as bitcoin is up again today, over 10% rise on Bitstamp at time of writing. Have investors realised China not quite banning bitcoin yet again is not that big a deal actually? Or maybe this time theres good news I’ve not yet heard. I’m not saying […]

The bottom in silver

While I wait for bitcoins to load up on some more rocket fuel here’s a diversion into silver (Adam you should enjoy this one!). Silver is of course another monetary investment which can protect wealth and is well overdue a trip to da moon. Silver which literally means money in several languages around the world […]

Testing times

Bitcoin price has continued falling and is down over 10% today, sitting just under $400 on Bitstamp. Heres my latest Bitstamp chart with 1 day candles showing how it looks. I wonder if todays big move down is fuelled by speculators who see the 50 day moving average falling below the 200 day moving average? […]

Spot the difference

Heres a familiar looking bitcoin chart showing price decline from last December’s peak all the way down to about $435 where we are now at time of writing. Another large 10% drop is currently in progress! Note we are rapidly closing in on my 3rd support level at about $400. Perhaps some support will be […]