Bullish upturn continues

Heres another bitcoin chart showing recent price action on Bitstamp. I’m continuing to look on chart with 2hour candles which is a view interesting me at the moment.

As you can see looks like we are finding support right where I hoped on the lower green line, which gives me more confidence that that green bullish slope has validity. Combined with the view on the log chart which you can see it on my recent ‘turning bullish’ post, looks like higher prices are coming.

9 thoughts on “Bullish upturn continues

  1. I don’t have any doubt that green trend is starting to establish itself. Even after that latest fall through support there is new support being found on a parallel trendline.

    Maybe this chart shows what I mean, bitstamp with 2hour candles.

    Lowest green line is another new one I added which already has two touchpoints.

    1. i’ve added in your charts to your comments. Not sure where your upper line on that wedge comes from but our outlook seems very similar.

      Thanks for the post,

    1. Hi bitpump i figured out your wedge, its the one in log view. Yes looks to resolve one way or the other very soon! Quite exciting


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