Gold Silver Bitcoin roundup


Heres gold since 2010 with quite compressed daily candles. The chart shows the all time high and then the ‘bear’ market. I put quotes on bear becuase I think this bear market is centrally planned and the wheels will fall off the so called bear market. All in good time. King Canute couldn’t stop the tide coming in and neither can the central planning parasites or banksters.

You can see green bullish trendlines from the run up to the all time high, which I still like using even now. At the moment we are holding in a channel I’ve mentioned before although looks like bears attempting to get through that support. Probably a tough task with US dollar not looking very hot and political tension ready to erupt at any time in our grand theatre production called distract the masses.

Heres a closeer look at what I marked as maybe a cup n handle.



Silver looked like it broke through resistance a couple of days ago but now looks like the manipulators are trying to push it back down. Marked it with a big blue arrow. Fun times as always for silver the most undervalued asset in the world.

We are still in that big huge wedge. edit: Some talk about how the silver fix is ending in August I think it was. No fix! No manipulation? I’d be much more excited if there was a way to stop HFT trading fixing the price. The end of the fix won’t end the fix. But bullion banks running out of silver will be fun to see.

Bullish eventually.


Bitcoin is continuing to make me feel like the bear is just about over, heres my latest updated charts. Heres a bitstamp chart with 2hour candles

The slope I keep going on about is getting a little bit more traction, we’re finding support on it and close to neckline of completing possible inverse head and shoulders formation.

Log view going back to 2012 looks like this

That wedge at the end is going right into the point!!! Is this the bitcoin singularity ? Heres a closeup of that.

Bitcoin Up up up!

15 thoughts on “Gold Silver Bitcoin roundup

  1. Is this it? Bitcoin now broken through the biggest resistance line since December? Is the correction over? What is first target? 2nd target?

    1. Thanks for the charts. History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes so they say I can easily imagine another larger bubble is possible. Exciting.

  2. Wait for it… 😉

    To me, things are good but not so good.

    We’re now clearly above the green resistance.
    Next step : touch the yellow resistance (USD 510-540-ish) but blue rectangle wich is a zone of resistance. So to me, still hard times before getting USD1500 target.

    AF, what do you think ?

    1. Yes I could see resistance in those areas, might not be plain sailing to get back to new highs, however overall I feel sentiment is starting to turn bullish again.

      1. Yeah when I asking for targets I expected nowhere near $1500. That’s going to take a few months at least even if we get there. I meant more in the short term like next couple of weeks.

    2. Is the yellow resistance line a different one than AF has. It seems both yours and AF’s go back to the December highs but on his we are already broken through?

  3. BTW, as I wrote in a previous comment, buying when price crosses uptrend WMA17d seems to be a good entry point. It was around USD 444-446. Let’s see if I’m right.

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