Although I have briefly mentioned Cloakcoin previously in my blog I feel it is high time for a more detailed post. At the start of July, I said “Cloak is another one which has caught my eye as potentially could be huge, unlike darkcoin and some others which use coinjoin transaction mixing technology, Cloak aims […]

Another look at bitcoin

Having been offline for a while, its about time I posted a bitcoin update. Heres a look at my latest bitstamp chart with 1 day candles. Main thing to watch appears to be the pink line showing the bottom of the large uptrending channel. From bullish perspective I would be hoping to see a big […]

Gold fork

In gold this bullish fork still looks valid however bottom is about to be tested. Green blob shows where I would be looking for support in gold, fall to about $1290 looks likely. Zooming out looks like this. As usual silver is moving similar to gold, down when gold goes down, up when gold goes […]

Bitcoin marches on

The silk road coins have been auctioned, and all sold to one bidder. In the process bitcoin has been almost officially given a stamp of approval from US Marshals as fungible units of exchange. Looks like the market approved of this result with prices shooting up towards $650. Heres bitstamp with 4 hour candles. The […]