Why CoinFinance is the Go-To Investment Tracker for Digital Currency

Unlike my normal posts this time I am passing on some information about CoinFinance, a new website offering trading and accounting tools to track the value of your crypto currencies. If this sounds interesting to you read on. Note: This is not an endorsement from AFBitcoins


Why CoinFinance is the Go-To Investment Tracker for Digital Currency

CoinFinance is a professional cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application that supports more than 300 alternative coins. It features a range of tools that are designed to help investors monitor daily changes in their digital currencies, as well as determine their total coin wealth in multiple currencies (Bitcoin, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan and Euro). This application is a reliable resource for members of the cryptocurrency community; aside from in-site tools like a currency converter, a list of gainers and losers and a mining calculator, it also features a list of external links to the latest news and top stories on bitcoin and altcoins. CoinFinance is a one-stop platform that helps cryptocurrency investors make timely and well-informed decisions about their portfolio—all for free and with assured full anonymity.

Price Quotes, Charts, Coin Market Cap and Blogger Tools

Investors have to know how to analyze cryptocurrency markets and understand the fluctuations in coin values over time. CoinFinance presents real-time information as well as aggregate and disaggregate daily, weekly and monthly data that are essential in deciding when to acquire, dispose or hold coins. Users can easily search for price quotes using the search tab in the header. The home page also features a bitcoin price chart displaying three different bitcoin trading schemes (CoinBase, BTC-e and Bitstamp) with corresponding change percentage.

The home page also displays the gainers and losers chart on the right, the coin market capitalization ranking on the left, and the four most popular daily cryptocurrencies below the ranking. These lists and charts are all interactive; clicking on a coin will lead to a specific and detailed list that includes the value of the coin in different currencies, mining difficulty and coin circulation. Portfolio owners can track coins by simply adding them to their portfolio through the “add to your portfolio” button.

CoinFinance is an enriching resource not only for serious cryptocurrency investors but also for bloggers on business and finance. The platform has a section on widgets, which allows site visitors to copy codes for coin prices as well as winners and losers for embedding in external websites. The coin price widget can be customized to display information on a particular cryptocoin, including its current price in the currency selected, its highest and lowest values for the day, and its price movements in the last 24 hours. At the bottom of the page are links to coin prices and currency information on Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DarkCoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, X11coin, Supercoin, IsraelCoin, Quark, VertCoin, FeatherCoin, MegaCoin, AuroraCoin and PotCoin.

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