Silver log

Heres a silver update. Just like gold, silver is being smashed down, in fact even more so when you consider the gold silver ratio is near 70 at the moment. In a world of unchecked central bank money creation with trillions of dollars sloshing around the system unbelievably some force is continuing pressing silver price […]

Testing time for Cloak

At end of my last Cloak post I reminded to buy the rumour sell the news. Well news was seemingly bad, or at least disappointing, theres been a big selloff based on the fact an anticipated code release has been delayed. Larger than anyting I expected unfortunatley, this sell off has in typical Cloak style […]


Cloak has burst up through a key level of resistance at about 0.0004, reaching above 0.0005 in fact. That 0.0004 level will hopefully now provide quite solid support for next phase of consolidation, I’d have thought. (Not trying to tempt fate again). For good measure Cloak is also up through a trend line extending downward […]