Silver update

Readers of this blog will know that besides bitcoin I also believe in gold and silver which are just like bitcoin, unprintable by bankers (not that you’d think it sometimes the way the price seems manipulated by paper markets). But wether rightly or wrongly I believe holding some of your savings in the form of […]

Bitcoin view

Haven’t really been posting a great deal because to be honest I haven’t seen much to post about thats different from my view expressed in most of my latest posts. Sloooow grind down. (With a few rallys scattered around). I still think thats whats in store really, I’m talking about on longer timescales here which […]

Looking up

Time for another look at bitcoin. Remember that positive news about Paypal? Well not quite bullish in the end really, the way the initial bullish spike up was engulfed in selling was totally a natural response to that kind of news. It was natural market forces and animal spirits, definately not manipulation by powerful entities […]