Bitcoin Wedge

Heres a look at bitcoin again, using Bitstamp data with 4 hour candles. We can see that since the low in October price has been quite volatile with some big peaks and dips however each peak and dip higher than the previous. This price action seems to have formed quite a nice bullish channel, marked […]

Updated log view

Theres been a bit of time elaspsed since my last ‘nice bull moves’ post so maybe time for another look at bitcoin. To start with heres a chart showing linear price scale, and 4hour candles, bitstamp data. You can see that spike which occurred after my last post. However we didn’t get a move up […]

Bitcoin grinding down

Heres the gruesome chart from Bitstamp with 1 day candles. I’ve modified it a bit to hide some of the bullish lines which have become woefully irrelevant lately. Looking for support on the solid red trendline. Blue dashed line is where the April 2013 bubble peak ended, hopefully that area will be solid support? Hard […]