Nice bull moves in bitcoin

Only time for a very quick one here, this is bitstamp in US$ with 1 day candles.

Bitcoin has bounced on trendline and rallied, now looks very likely to go up through $400 after passing through resistance on the next trendline above. Bigger test will be up at about $450 with the next bearish trendline to pass through. If we get through that perhaps its time to find some bullish trendlines again ..

With Silk Road 2 now busted as part of operation Onymous, is this rally about to mirror what happened after Silk Road the original was taken down?

2 thoughts on “Nice bull moves in bitcoin

  1. “OKCoin Confirms New Three Billion Euro Hedge Fund Trading on Exchange ” … interesting days ahead … Manipulation, high volatility, and sudden spikes. Good old days are coming back for trading maybe?

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