On the verge of a huge bubble

Title is provocative but is not totally fanciful. Just as when I wrote that bitcoin could reach $500 when they were below $50 it is also possible that now bitcoin could be propelled over $5000! Which is actually a conservative number. Seems like ages ago but was only the start of 2013 .. https://afbitcoins.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/bitcoins-could-reach-500-dollars/ The […]

Bitcoin All Time Log

Its been a long time since I saw bitcoin data going back to days of Gox but thanks to some excellent work by one of the Trading View Pros, who goes by the name ‘munkeefonix‘ I am at last able to examine that data on TradingView. Following chart shows combination of MtGox data for the […]

Failed support

With bitcoin price falling through the bottom of my wedge I guess its time for another bitcoin update. My feeling that the price would stay within that wedge throughout this month has ended up wrong, which is shit because I prefer it when I seem awesome! On shorter timescales, above chart, it looks like quite […]