Repost from TF Metals Report

This article is copied in its entirity with permission from the TF Metals Report website Turd Ferguson’s site produces paid and occasional free content, although I disagree with his descision to stop non-vault members from being allowed to comment on articles, it is an excellent site to visit and has an active community in […]

And more falling

Bitcoin down another 14% this morning. Heres the charts, starting with log price. Almost as an afterthought to my last post I suggested there might be a channel with support at the bottom of it. At the moment it looks like the price hit that line more or less spot on. I’m expecting this to […]

The bitcoin singularity approaches

With the data feed from Bitstamp as dead as a dead parrot here are my latest charts reimagined using btc-e data. Still of course using the awesome TradingView website to generate these charts. In a way I’ve found it quite refreshing starting from scratch again and here is my initial findings. All the data points […]

Trendline reached

First of all Happy New Year for 2015 ! I wonder what 2015 will bring.. Maybe a huge bitcoin bubble and the end of precious metal bear phase ? How about a profound mass awakening of the people about how the monetary system steals their wealth to redistribute it to the globalistic elite and a […]