Gold smashed through resistance

Just shared this idea on TradingView and thought I might as well put it on my blog too.

The gold market is so full of smoke and mirrors, lies and manipulation of expectations its hard to know what the heck is going on most of the time. THe finance ‘industry’ and media constantly attempts to dampen enthusiasm for the monetary metal but are they going too far in their attempts to supress its rise against fiat which is being printed by the TRILLIONS!

You have to wonder from where they will get physical gold to sell into the market and stop this rally? Reputedly Londens’ vaults are virtually empty now with the bullion recast and shipped east. Which country has lots of gold and need to be relieved of its Hitler’esque leader. I think Russia might be just too big to grab their gold. Maybe some smaller countries can provide a bit of help.

I’m long on gold unless they manage to access some other countries reserves. In which case their may be another down leg. Ultimately gold will be the last money standing.

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