Price pop in bitcoin

Over last couple of days bitcoin price has enjoyed a bit of a mini surge and pushed up through some resistance. On linear chart bitcoin has pushed up through a number of these sloping trendlines now which seems, dare I say, almost a little bit bullish. So is it to the moon yet ? Heres […]

Rally to 312

For some wierd and absurd reason, and defying my own logic and reason I continue to follow sheep and look at prices of things in fiat, specifically US$ fiat. It is wierd because I consider myself to be quite enlightened about money so why do I do it? Why always look at US$ charts. Maybe […]

Testing Trendlines

I’ve written a ‘testing trendlines’ post in the past on this blog which I’m sure you can find via search if you are interested but anyway history rhymes and repeats and stuff so heres another testing trendlines post. Incidentally after a briefly flirting with a post about stock market I’m back to bitcoin for this […]