Pullback this time?

Last time I called for a pullback it didn’t happen. Perhaps this time it will, 4 hour chart on btc-e is showing what looks like a head n shoulders formation. Might turn out to be a good buying opp if it happens and you are accumulating.


Bitcoin surging up at the moment, in a quite exciting way actually, soon to push up past $300 by look of it. I’d had almost forgotten what a bull run feels like. Since I started posting about green shoots a while back its starting to feel like winds of change are in the air. (Not […]

Pullback looks likely

Heres btc-e on 1 hour chart Since beginning of March price has followed a trendline sloping up quite steeply, shown in green dotted line. However bitcoin has now fallen through that line. Also looks like rally since the low has reached top of what looks a bit like a rising channel shown pink dashed lines. […]

The bottom turned upside down

I recently posted Was that the bottom?, an idea I have also discussed in the forums. Since then most of my bitcoin posting has been cautiously entertaining that idea further. Recently I have come accross another perspective which supports this idea in quite a nice way I hadn’t thought of. Credit to ‘lowstrife’ on TradingView […]