Pullback this time?

Last time I called for a pullback it didn’t happen. Perhaps this time it will, 4 hour chart on btc-e is showing what looks like a head n shoulders formation. Might turn out to be a good buying opp if it happens and you are accumulating.

8 thoughts on “Pullback this time?

  1. Right on cue heres the pullback happening. Maybe I should start using a platform where I can short!

    I think theres still a bit to go in this correction, I’d like to see support around $245 ish.

    1. Amazing how fast the 250 was reached already. I’m probably going to buy back the bitcoins I sold at 295 at 245 which drop my average buy in to just under 300 (still trying to get back to breakeven).

      1. looks to have bounced where bottom of purple line is which makes me think this may be normal correction within that purple channel.

        when price is at $4000 for a bitcoin you’ll be well over 😉

    1. Indeed that lower line has been breached. From bullish point of view I’m not too concerned at this point. Will see if I can write a new post later.

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