Longer view

This is a chart interesting me at the moment, BTC-E on log price scale Chart shows the April 2013 mini bubble and then the main big bubble which we still deflating from. I’m looking for support just below $200 if we fall that far on green trendline. Although bitcoin is still well within the down […]

How far down?

With Bitcoin experiencing further drops are we heading back to test ‘the bottom’! ie the area around the lower green trendline on the below chart. Heres a look at todays 1 day chart from btc-e. Bitcoin has not held the lower purple dashed line but instead looks to be following red bearish lines down, quite […]


Having been burned by experiences with alt-coins in last year, first with Cloakcoin’s major disappointment as its exchange rate fell towards zero, then mintpal exchange disappearing along with my remaining alt-coin funds I’m bit wary of going near or discussing alt-coins again. But having said all that here I go again afterall.. Darkcoin is back […]

Quick bitcoin update

Heres quick update for bitcoin, first looking on 4 hour chart. After the pullback of a previous post we are still sitting under that channel I was watching, marked in purple dashed lines. Bitcoin couldn’t rise back into that channel the other day finding that the line which was support has become resistance. However it […]