What’s the End Game for the Bankers’ Cashless Society?

The war on cash is real. Bankers want to start forcing negative interest rates on us, to force consumers to spend instead of save, ie to borrow even more debt and become even more enslaved. This means your money will shrink if left in your account. If people have the option of avoiding negative interest rates by withdrawing cash and sticking it under the mattress that wont work. Even worse for the bank that would cause a run on the bank. So cash is there as a barrier to bankers forcing even more debt on us by these negative interest rates. This is why they want to remove cash.

If you notice there is a campaign in the media to make cash seem like it is old fashioned and not needed because it is inconvinient, or expensive to handle. These are lies, real reasons are as outlined above.

This will all be positive for stores of value like gold, silver and bitcoin, unless these are somehow outlawed. (won’t suprise me if they try)

Anyway heres some more ideas on this topic from JS Kim. If you are not familiar with his work at SmartKnowledgeU I highly recommend checking it out.

By JS Kim

In these newsletters, we’ve been informing you of the extremely aggressive global banker push to enforce a cashless society upon us. In fact, the Denmark Central Bankers have already stated that they will stop printing new coins and new paper money in 2016 and that, starting in 2016, all vendors in Denmark can legally refuse to accept all coins and paper money for their goods and services! A top Citibank banker, Willem Buiter, has been urging the US government and Fed Reserve bankers to ban all cash transactions in the US as has Harvard professor Ken Rogoff, and most recently German economist Peter Bofinger has joined the bandwagon in calling for the Bundesbank to ban all cash in Germany. Is there anyone that is not calling for a ban in the use of cash in this world? And why are bankers so adamant about banning cash after hundreds of years of allowing cash as money but making all other forms of competitive money such as gold and silver illegal? What is happening in globa l currency markets right now that have they become so adamant about banning cash now? For answers to these questions, watch our video below.

Any logical person would conclude that this vocal and aggressive banker-sponsored movement points to enormous frailties and stresses in the current global banking system to which most are still blissfully unaware. And why have these frailties arisen? The answer clearly is because bankers have engaged in so much fraud with their ZIRP, QE policies and currency wars that the entire existence of the global fractional reserve banking system is now being threatened with terminal failure

6 thoughts on “What’s the End Game for the Bankers’ Cashless Society?

  1. Very interesting! The worse it becomes, the more hopeful I am. Each move generates a counter-move. They might be able to control gold and silver and forbid bitcoins but unlike gold and silver, they won’t be able to really prevent people from using bitcoin or other alternate currencies.

    And people will react at some point, by pushing too far, you fall from the cliff eventually (ok it depends on who actually falls ..).

    And if people are losing money by keeping it at the bank, that’s a good motivation to learn how to use bitcoins .. Don’t you think ?

    1. Yes I’m cautiously hopeful they’ll never get away with it.. However most people understand nothing about money, and will believe the lies until its too late.

      Just like mass surveliance, majority don’t seem to care. Its a bizzare world and enabled by willfull ignorance.

  2. That’s completly amazing.

    Other article full of propanganda : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/14/no-wallet-no-worries-denmark-considering-cash-free-shops
    Cash is costly, unsecure, full of bacteria and bla bla bla.

    As you know, in january 7th, in France we had our 9/11. Since that date, our freedom is restricted. For example, if you’re french you can’t pay something over €1 000 with cash. If you’re non-resident, it’s ok for you up to €10 000.

    And I won’t explain that every french internet providers must to connect their wires within this year to a black box provided by the french secret agency (not my paranoia, it’s a law).

    If you write on facebook “je me sens Charly Coulibali” I feel like Charly Coulibali (refers from Charly : the magazine and Coulibaly : name of one of those terrorists), you receive for “glorification of terrorism” a suspended sentence of two month in prison and you have to sign a paper in a police station every morning. Note the author just feels like somebody and don’t use “I am” (not my paranoia, it just happened).

    And everything is normal, keep calm and keep on doing your stuff folks.

    So, for sure, they will manage this ban in a very sucessfull way.

    PS : The statement “je me sens coulibaly” has been picked up. I totaly disagree with that and I think terrorism is bad for everybody… even for terrorists.
    I don’t want to hear Thought Police knocking on my door. (my paranoia, but for how long ?)

  3. Same topic :
    8 years ago, Aaron Russo explained during 3 minutes what is the ultimate banksters plan :

    1. We’re getting closer to that aim all the time but only while the people stay asleep. I’ve been thinking about it, I believe total control of money via chip implants won’t be possible because a black market in other forms of money will thrive in that environment. Money requires faith for it to have value, even if its in a chip in your hand.

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