8 thoughts on “So close

  1. This is only true for btc-e. For bitfinex and bitstamp this has been broken and it was already a long time the case for all european and chinese exchanges due to the strong dollar.

  2. Ugh succumbing to that red trend line. I started daydreaming of $13,000 bitcoin the last couple of days. Now I have to deal with the letdown and am feeling really depressed.

  3. US is on holyday for independance day,
    China is focused on how to withdraw money from stock exchanges
    Europe is waiting for greece poll result
    I don’t expect something exciting coming out till sunday, 5 or 6PM zulu time.

    A londoner advise : For those who are speculating on stock market and are not in full cash this week-end, I would say MIND THE GAP!

    1. Hi James, thanks for that.. I hadn’t heard that news yet. I think ‘No’ is possibly the result which causes most chaos in financial world and probably will benefit bitcoin.

      I don’t think Greek will escape the Euro that easily though despite this result. Lots more huffing and puffing and posturing to come followed by some new debt deal and Greeks staying in the Euro looks like the outcome to me.

      In bitcoin I think another bubble is on the cards for sure hence why I’ve been saying to accumulate now.

      1. Well my excitement is also in conjunction with bitcoin trading around 270 right now. It really looks like it wants to breach that downtrend line. Between the technical and the macroeconomic reasons I feel like bitcoin has got to be really bullish right now.

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