Blatent Intervention in Silver

With the Euro currency, one of the biggest currencies in the world, facing an existential battle in the aftermath of Greek Referendum you’d expect a bit of a pop upwards in Gold and Silver wouldn’t you? … Wouldn’t you ? You know a safe haven form of money like bitcoin.

What we get is silver down 5% to a 5 year low !!!!

Unbelievable MANAGEMENT OF PERCEPTIONS ECONOMY. This is sheer unadulterated MOPE. So blatent in your face, out in the open. It is totally obvious that Gold and Silver cannot, CANNOT be seen as alternatives to the monetary system. This intervention is so obvious, so much hubris they just don’t bother even trying to hide it anymore.

Disgusting, the lies, the mope the to hold this corrupt system together it stinks.

2015-07-07 19:00:33 - Blatent MOPE in aftermath of greek debt referendum

2 thoughts on “Blatent Intervention in Silver

  1. This market failure creates opportunity for those who have their own perceptions of the economy.
    And there are enough of them out there that the U.S. Mint said on Tuesday it temporarily sold out of its popular 2015 American Eagle silver bullion coins due to a “significant” increase in demand.

    source :

    This time, I’m not in. I decided to board another spaceship 😉

    1. I’m in similar boat to you it sounds like, putting spare fiat into bitcoin rather than silver at these prices. Although drops like this do tempt me to add a bit more bullion. Apparently premiums are higher after the drop so really to buy any isn’t that much cheaper despite what chart says.

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