Shemitah !

Sharing this first because its interesting and also because one of my charts is featured on 5 min mark. A small moment of fame for afbitcoins !

Collapse on Sept 15

Already the S&P500 not looking good. Can the plunge protection team again keep this thing up!? I’ve been thinking this feels ‘toppy’ ever since wedge in green failed.

5 thoughts on “Shemitah !

  1. Looks like the prediction was off: crash is before september!

    And nice scoring the chart in the video 🙂

  2. We had all been looking for the bubble top the past year. I think you even had a post about it a few months ago! Doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy. Besides, this guy probably also predicted that Obama would send us all to FEMA camps. We all know how that turned out.

    1. Yes I’ve been expecting stock market to pop, just a matter of waiting. Point of the shemita video is the wierd way it seems to occur at 7 year intervals, co-incidence? something to do with human nature? God?

      Heres how S&P looking on my latest chart

      Have the FEMA camps gone now ?

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