Signing out

This is my last post on my afbitcoins blog. Its been a fun rollercoaster ride since my blog began but I think its just about ran its course and I so I now leave the arena. It can be difficult at times posting your trading opinions in a public website. However in the last year […]

Down wave

With bitcoin failing to retest the midline of the fork, and down 6% as I write (edit 7%) (edit 8%), I decided to take a look how this is fitting in with my bullish fork on bitcoin log chart. So heres the chart as bitcoin continues to fall .. As you can see we fell […]

Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably (edit: maybe) This Unknown Australian Genius (Craig Steven Wright) The fact that the police have raided his home is nothing to do with it though, oh no, definately not. Not looking for private keys left lying around at all. No sir. So far bitcoin price remains bullish, maybe […]

Bull fork

Normally I pay most attention to longer timescales but this fork on the 4 hour chart has me interested at the moment. Looks like bitcoin is failing to get above resistance might take a dip down towards the area marked with a circle. However overall trend still looks bullish.