Fake news

Since I’m not listed on PropOrNot (actually I havent checked but safely assume I’m not lol) I thought it might be quite cool to spread some fake news while I remain under the radar. Of course in the Orwellian world we live in Ignorance is truth, War is peace and something else is something opposite. In this case fake news is spreading truth and mainstream news is  fake. This can get confusing when mainstream accuses alt media of being fake by using fake methods itself.

Pizza gate. You must have heard of it. That is true. Moon landings in the 1960’s fake. World trade centre collapse due to hijacked plane crash,  fake. Russians hacked the US election. Fake!

I often talk about how the currency war is not about China versus USA or whatever they claim. It is only about the elites versus us. Well the same is true of the war against fake news, which is really an excuse for censorship and a war against free speech. If I want to accuse the Queen of being a Lizard I will. (actually I’m on the fence still with that one)

On with a chart or two.

Bitcoin is in a lovely looking bull trend. The supply recently halved. Countries such as Venezuala and India are going full retard against cash. What is not to like about bitcoin? Its all so predictable and all so surprising unless you actually pay some attention.

I like that bitcoin has recently edged past the June highs.  Whats to say? Not much. Stay safe. The globalist, pedophile, satanists are still controlling most of it but maybe not bitcoin yet

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