Darkcoin rising

Darkcoin, Dash (or Digital Cash) as seen on following 1 day chart versus bitcoin has risen to the top of the pink channel it has been in since April. This has been a good time to try and accumulate on dips for those of a trading persuasion. However the best buying opportunities at the bottom of the channel were very quickly snapped up.

It looks quite promising that Dash has a chance to break through above that pink channel to perhaps proceed on up to test again all time high against bitcion. But there is resistance to overcome first, with Dash appearing to bounce exactly where I’d have expected based on previous area of resistance at the top of the pink channel. Some might prefer to sell here and see if they can buy back later cheaper. It remains to be seen if Dash is to stay within pink range or break above.

Seen here on 1hr chart resistance at top of trading range, bounces off top of pink channel.

Heres a few things Dash or the Dash community has been up to lately that caught my eye. Sponsor of MMA fighter Davis Dos Santos

Sponsors of an airshow,

Also there is a pop song, https://youtu.be/eVzggP7k3fo which is so bad I cringed and couldn’t watch it all. Maybe its so bad its good?

This might seem like quite an odd mix things to pick out and for sure there is a lot more happening than these. But its easy to see that Dash is not really aiming for your typical crypto anarchist nerds, but rather perhaps this is what targeting the mainstream looks like.

If Dash gets past its previous high against against bitcoin, I don’t really see where next resistance is. It might not be too far fetched to see Dash reach bitcoin parity at some point maybe sooner than people think! This is speculation for another day however, first battle is the top of the pink channel.

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