AF Bitcoins is a place where I share my thoughts on the bitcoin market from a trading perspective but also occasional wider discussions of bitcoins, gold and silver and the economy in general.

I am a strong believer in bitcoins and other monetary assets such as gold and silver which may preserve value as currencies around the world continue to be debased. If you don’t understand how the financial system controlled by central banks currently works I would strongly urge you to take the time to find out and understand it.


Although this blog is about trading and often discusses price moves in bitcoins,  what I primarily recommend, is to convert a significant amount of your savings into alternative forms of wealth like gold, silver and bitcoins that you do not trade, but hold onto while the financial system continues its path to ruin.

Other motivations for this blog are to help spread the word about bitcoins, make some predictions and hopefully help people have fun trading in bitcoins. Please feel welcome to leave comments in this blog, even if just to say hello, tell me what you think, or whatever.

You may donate if you think my work on this blog merits it however I cannot take responsibility for any losses you may make after following any advice I may have published here.



I hope you enjoy this blog.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there from Australia, thanks for your efforts with this site 🙂 , if we stay in this downtrend and prices go a lot lower, dont you think people will buy up big time and it wont be able to go as low as $30 or $40?

  2. awesome blog. Stoked to see technical analysis on the market. I also really appreciate your assessment of ripple. Eye Opening.

    I wanted to reach out to show you what were doing here at http://bex.io/ . Basically we are a white-label bitcoin exchange as a service.

    If you ever want some content for your blog or need a quote we would be more than happy to collaborate. It is our long term goal to enable a global, world-wide liquidity pool for digital currencies.


    1. One reason is because banks wont co-operate, for the obvious reason they can’t stand competition. In fact its easy to imagine government will try to crack down on them which may force it underground. Good way to get bitcoins is localbitcoins.com

  3. What a great day,

    Thank you for all your awesome crypto content!

    I’ve done a fun infographic that I’m sure your readers will love. It’s “The Geniuses fight about Bitcoin” and includes what famous people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet has said about crypto in the media.

    You can see it here: https://casinobitcoins.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/The-geniuses-fight-about-bitcoin-1.jpg

    If you would like to blog about it I would also be happy to link to your blogpost from my site enigmamedia.se to give the post extra power. All I want in return is a link back as a reference.

    Thanks a million, I really appreciate this!

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