A new post

I just looked at my last blog post. It was written during the last bubble type spike up in progress (quite a while ago now, over a year?). With the price at about 7 or 8K I predicted at that time it might spike up to 13k (in US dollars). It was obvious to just […]

Bitcoin segwit

So bitcoin has broken $7000? Or has it? What is bitcoin? Is it the one with ticker symbol btc that everyone calls bitcoin? Do you remember when Satoshi Nakamoto published plans for the future scaling of bitcoin and said ” It would be goddamn brilliant to segregate the witness data the fuck out of the […]

Crypto roundup

Measured against USDT (which is a proxy for US$ on the Poloniex exchange), on a 1 day chart we can see the explosive rise of Dash, which particularly in March this year, outperformed almost every other crypto including bitcoin as it spiked above $100 for the first time. Since then Dash has climbed even higher […]


I think I’ve used this title for a blog post before, but meh, here it is again, with different content. This chart is the combined market cap of all the crypto currencies, ie Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and all the rest Since bitcoin is the biggest crypto it looks similar to a bitcoin chart […]

Bitcoin going parabolic

In fact bitcoin going parabolic has been happening for over a year, maybe 2 years. It looks like a straight line on a log price scale. I think bitcoin is reaching a danger zone. Top of this channel marked by an Andrews pitchfork only been breached a couple of times followed by steep corrections. Bullish […]

Bitcoin at new highs

Lets take a look. Since I first got into bitcoin it is clear that bitcoin is gaining more and more mainstream acceptance. My own stance has evolved since the time I first got interested. Back then I was convinced about how bitcoin would decentralise money and bring power to the people and dethrone the banks. […]

Bitcoin introspection

Bitcoin scaling, or lack of, is becoming an anchor stopping bitcoin going further. Bitcoin capacity is currently almost full This is a very good thing. Obviously it shows bitcoin is growing in usage. It has utility and demand. Notable especially is how it is helping people in countries who are in economic strife or facing […]