Dicing with Dash

For the first time since I got into Darkcoin, or Dash as it is of course nowadays. I am doubting the project. I shall try to explain why. Ryan Taylor the CEO of Dash Core Group, a very influential person in the Dash community, is seeking to change the block reward allocation in favour of […]

Darkcoin rising

Darkcoin, Dash (or Digital Cash) as seen on following 1 day chart versus bitcoin has risen to the top of the pink channel it has been in since April. This has been a good time to try and accumulate on dips for those of a trading persuasion. However the best buying opportunities at the bottom […]

Dash stabilised

Dash on 4 hr time scale, log price scale versus bitcoin. Dash appears to have stabilised at levels mostly around the top half of that pink channel which seems to mark a pretty good trading range for accumulation. A break above that pink channel would be very bullish, meanwhile it has already recently broken back […]

Studying the Dash chart

Apart from Bitcoin, Gold and Silver I also love Dash. So heres a look at Dash today as I see it. My last Dash post was when I congratulated Dash for overtaking one ounce of silver in price. A lot has happened since then, most notably huge new all time highs for Dash versus bitcoin […]

Dash versus Silver

For a change from bitcoin heres a look at my other favourite cryto, Dash. Without getting all the attention bitcoin does, Dash is quietly doing well too and at the moment trading on Poloniex for about 17US $ for 1 Dash. Blue line at the top is spot price of 1 ounce silver in US$, […]


Having been burned by experiences with alt-coins in last year, first with Cloakcoin’s major disappointment as its exchange rate fell towards zero, then mintpal exchange disappearing along with my remaining alt-coin funds I’m bit wary of going near or discussing alt-coins again. But having said all that here I go again afterall.. Darkcoin is back […]

The darkside of Darkcoin

At risk of bombarding my bitcoin blog with too many darkcoin posts, heres another one, which I feel is maybe needed to put a bit of a counterbalance to my obvious enthusiasm in the recent Darkcoin post. Thanks to Jean-Philippe in comments bringing my attention to this post here from the Cryptolife blog, Darkcoin – […]