Gold breakout anticipation

Compared to crypto currencies, which have gone mental spiking upwards the yellow metal has been, you could say, lack lustre by comparison. But gold remains an important asset in these times of central banks gone rogue. Unlike crypto currencies, gold is proven for millenia and crypto despite the hype is yet to be really proven […]

Gold !

I don’t even know where to start talking about gold, it defies belief that gold continues to plummet and is now making new 5 year lows at the same time as demand for the physical stuff is soaring and debt laden economies globally continue to debase their currencies and accumulate yet more debt to service […]

Repost from TF Metals Report

This article is copied in its entirity with permission from the TF Metals Report website Turd Ferguson’s site produces paid and occasional free content, although I disagree with his descision to stop non-vault members from being allowed to comment on articles, it is an excellent site to visit and has an active community in […]

On the verge of a huge bubble

Title is provocative but is not totally fanciful. Just as when I wrote that bitcoin could reach $500 when they were below $50 it is also possible that now bitcoin could be propelled over $5000! Which is actually a conservative number. Seems like ages ago but was only the start of 2013 .. The […]