Bitcoin marches on

The silk road coins have been auctioned, and all sold to one bidder. In the process bitcoin has been almost officially given a stamp of approval from US Marshals as fungible units of exchange. Looks like the market approved of this result with prices shooting up towards $650. Heres bitstamp with 4 hour candles. The […]

Resurgent bitcoin

Bitcoin is up over 7% today on Bitstamp, taking price over $600. We’re still seeing support and resistance on the sloping lines I’ve been drawing for a while now. Heres a nice view of the latest chart showing last couple of weeks strong rally with 4 hour candles. I suppose many people will be wondering […]

Another chart pattern

Bitcoin still looking to have turned the corner after that strong rally. Although the market is taking a little breather now, the way it is pushing up through my horizontal dotted resistance is quite nice. Heres a bitstamp chart showing latest action with 4hour candles. Note the way the rally ended when it reached one […]