Bitcoin introspection

Bitcoin scaling, or lack of, is becoming an anchor stopping bitcoin going further. Bitcoin capacity is currently almost full This is a very good thing. Obviously it shows bitcoin is growing in usage. It has utility and demand. Notable especially is how it is helping people in countries who are in economic strife or facing […]

Bitcoin musings

Heres a bitcoin chart on 1 day log price scale from Bitstamp Anyone familiar with my blog will know that I like to look at longer timescales. For this reason my charts don’t tend to change very often. The bullish fork which I have followed for a long time now is still there, still seems […]

Dash versus Silver

For a change from bitcoin heres a look at my other favourite cryto, Dash. Without getting all the attention bitcoin does, Dash is quietly doing well too and at the moment trading on Poloniex for about 17US $ for 1 Dash. Blue line at the top is spot price of 1 ounce silver in US$, […]